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Lipman Honored By CMA Foundation

Claudia Taylor Johnson High School Director of Bands Jarrett Lipman has been named to the Country Music Association (CMA) Foundation's 2022 Music Teachers of Excellence.

Lipman was one of 30 honored nationwide by the CMA Foundation as it kicked off Arts in Education Week.

"These superstars give their all in and out of the classroom, and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate them, and their field, this week!" the Foundation announced in a release.

The CMA Foundation began investing in music education in 2006, and according to the foundation website, it "was birthed from the passion of our artists and professionals who first fell in love with music within the four walls of a classroom. Thanks to their teachers to believed in them, they were able to go after their dreams."

The Foundation continues, "For us, it's not just about raising up the next generations of musicians, but leveraging the impact that music has on students."

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