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58 Earn TMEA All-District Positions

Congratulations and great job to the Claudia Taylor Johnson band members who auditioned for TMEA All-Region Band. CTJ had a total of 58 students earn positions in the All-District Band, with 36 of those placing at the top of their rooms and advancing to the region level competition.

Each of the 36 students who advanced will have the opportunity to perform with one of the Region 12 Concert Bands in January, working with guest clinicians from around the country. Those 36 students will also represent CTJ at the regional competition on December 1 at Canyon High School, which determines chair placements for the region bands, as well as which students move onto the Area competition in January.

At Area, the top students from South Austin, West Houston, and San Antonio will compete for positions in the Texas All-State Band. More than 55,000 students are signed up to audition for all state this year, and the process will culminate with the all state band performances at TMEA in February, featuring only a few hundred of those thousands of students who began the process this month.

The following students earned positions in All-Region Band & All-District Band, and will compete again on Thursday, November 30:

  • Piccolo: Grace Gillock, 11th grade (Ranked 1st in the room); Nicole Hutchins, 12th grade (Ranked 2nd in the room)

  • Flute: Audrey Payne, 12th grade (Ranked 1st in the room); Briana Gonazlez, 12th grade (Ranked 2nd in the room); Madelyn Hall, 11th grade; Kayma Williamson, 11th grade

  • Eb Clarinet: Kristen Hutchins, 12th grade

  • Bb Clarinet: Rika Hagino, 11th grade; Lauren Siegal, 12th grade; Bella Nunez, 12th grade; Kristen Hutchins, 12th grade

  • Alto Clarinet: Chloe Gonzales, 12th grade (Ranked 1st in the room); Braeden Laird, 11th grade

  • Bass Clarinet: Braeden Laird, 11th grade (Ranked 1st in the room)

  • Contrabass Clarinet: John Nickels, 12th grade (Ranked 1st in the room)

  • Oboe: Zakery Sifuentez, 10th grade (Ranked 1st in the room); Alyssa Gonzales, 11th grade (Ranked 3rd in the room)

  • Alto Saxophone: Anthony “Kimo” Johnson, 12th grade (Ranked 1st in the room) Tenor Saxophone: Parker Payne, 10th grade (Ranked 1st in the room)

  • Baritone Saxophone: Juan San Miguel, 9th grade

  • Trumpet: Bryce Freund, 12th grade; Clifton Sitterle, 12th grade

  • French Horn: Patrick Sanford, 10th grade (Ranked 2nd in the room); Jazmin Robinson, 12th grade; Elliot Peters, 11th grade

  • Tenor Trombone: Eli Canales, 9th grade (Ranked 1st in the room); Tim Lutz, 10th grade

  • Bass Trombone: Allan Foote, 11th grade (Ranked 2nd in the room); Kyle Farnsworth, 12th grade (Ranked 3rd in the room)

  • Euphonium: Aaron Wallick, 12th grade (Ranked 2nd in the room)

  • Tuba: Joseph Lukowski, 10th grade; Clayton Stuller, 10th grade

  • Percussion: Isaac LaVigne, 10th grade (Ranked 2nd in the room); Dalton Sanders, 12th grade; Sean Stuller, 9th grade; Luis Valenzuela, 12th grade

Special Congratulations to Isaac LaVigne and Parker Payne on earning positions in BOTH Region Jazz and Region Concert Band!

The following students earned positions in All-District Band:

  • Flute: Nicole Hutchins, 12th grade; Laura Pike, 11th grade

  • Bb Clarinet: Daniel Estrada, 9th grade; Jacob Castillo, 12th grade; Emma Cook, 11th grade; Karla Flores, 11th grade

  • Bass Clarinet: Alex Rheney, 9th grade

  • Bassoon: Tess Bracy, 11th grade

  • Tenor Saxophone: Quinn Murphey, 10th grade

  • Trumpet: Luke Pratorius, 11th grade; Will Donoghue, 10th grade; Noah Schafer, 10th grade; Connor Tipton, 10th grade

  • French Horn: Taylor Lovato-Cruz, 11th grade

  • Tenor Trombone: Aiden Sutherland, 10th grade

  • Euphonium: Brendan Wilde, 11th grade; Moses Roberts, 10th grade

  • Tuba: Owen Bjornson, 11th grade; Christian Limon, 11th grade; Jonathan Yakey, 12th grade

  • Percussion: Alejandro Navarro, 12th grade

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