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The Sudler Shield Award

Through determination and a relentless pursuit of musical excellence, Claudia Taylor Johnson band members have established our program as one of the most entertaining, musical, and polished high school bands in the world. As evidence, the CTJ band program was awarded the prestigious Sudler Shield Award from the John Philip Sousa Foundation.

On May 19, 2015, CTJ welcomed Professor W. Dale Warren of the Sousa Foundation to recognize the community with the Sudler Shield Award and speak about the CTJ band members’ accomplishments.

The purpose of the Sudler Shield

  1. To establish and support international standards of excellence in musical performance, marching execution, choreography, and show design for high school, youth or international marching bands.

  2. To identify, recognize, and honor outstanding high school, youth and international marching bands who are at a world class level of excellence.

The John Philip Sousa Foundation is a non-profit foundation dedicated to the promotion of international understanding through the medium of band music. Through the administration of band related projects, the foundation seeks to uphold the standards and ideals of that icon of the American spirit, John Philip Sousa.

Just as the name Sousa is synonymous with bands, so bands are bridges which connect the music and culture of all strata of our society. And no type of music better typifies the spirit of America throughout the world than do the stirring strains of a Sousa march.

The Sousa Foundation seeks to uphold both the standards and the ideals of that icon of the American spirit, John Philip Sousa.

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