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TMEA Region 12

Through the audition process, 43 Johnson Band members earned chairs in the TMEA Region 12 Bands, comprised of students from CTJ, Reagan, Churchill, Judson, Macarthur, Madison, Lee, Roosevelt, Wagner, New Braunfels, Clemens, Steele, and Smithson Valley. Johnson had an additional 16 students earn district band patches for placing high in their rooms.

Congratulations to the following students for advancing to All-Region Band (43)

  • Piccolo: Caroline LaChance (1)

  • Flute: Audrey Payne (1), Jiawen Chen, Grace Gillock, Madelyn Hall, Caroline LaChance, Briana Gonzalez, Cameron Prescott

  • Oboe: Angeline Rosado (2 to 1), Alyssa Gonzales

  • Eb Clarinet: Bethany Hutchings (1)

  • Bb Clarinet: Lauren Siegal, Bethany Hutchings, Gregory Benavidez, Bella Nunez, Sarah Lamm

  • Bass Clarinet: Lauren Houser (1), Amy Boenig

  • Alto Clarinet: Chloe Gonzales (1)

  • Contrabass Clarinet: John Nickels (1)

  • Alto Saxophone: Bennet Blevins

  • Tenor Saxophone: Ashton Roberts (1)

  • Trumpet: Bryce Freund, Clifton Sitterle

  • French Horn: Brandon Arlington, Patrick Sanford

  • Tenor Trombone: Nat Hsu (1), Wilmaure Mejos

  • Bass Trombone: Nat Hsu (1), Allan Foote, Kyle Farnsworth

  • Euphonium: Aaron Wallick (1), Misato Ueda, Hayden Greiman

  • Tuba: Owen Bjornson, Joseph Lukowski

  • Percussion: Evan Jose (1), Issac LaVigne, Joy Duarte, Luis Valenzuela, Alejandro Navarro, Jesse Garza, Dalton Sanders

*Students who placed first in their room have a (1) next to their name

Congratulations to the following students for advancing to All-District Band (16)

  • Piccolo: Nicole Hutchins

  • Flute: Cameron Sanchez, Kayma Williamson

  • Bb Clarinet: Kristen Hutchins, Rika Hagino

  • Bass Clarinet: Taylor Delgado

  • Bassoon: Tess Bracy, Sandra Sierra

  • Trumpet: Luke Pratorious

  • French Horn: Elliot Peters, Jazmin Robinson

  • Baritone: Zane Cobb, Brendan Wilde

  • Tuba: Clayton Stuller

  • Percussion: Cayla Turner, Dennis Clifford

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